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You might have heard that shampooing your hair less often is healthier. Experts disagree on how often shampooing should be done. It may not be necessary to shampoo as often as you think. It all comes down to personal preference. This is how you can help guide your styling decisions and hair type. Too much shampooing can cause hair to look less lush.

How Shampoo Works. It adds volume to the roots and freshens hair.

Webb suggests spraying dry shampoo on areas where dirt and oil tend to build up. Apply to the hairline and nape area of the neck. Next, lift and spritz small areas of hair. Spray 3-4 inches away from the head. She shampoos once a week. Because I don't damage my hair or dry it with shampoo, I shampoo less often. I also use styling tools such as curlers, flat irons, and curlers to style my hair. This saves me money and allows me to buy better shampoo and conditioner.

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