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Hair Color Cream | Hair Cream | Hair Straightening Cream

We are manufacturing and supplying Hair Color Cream in bulk. Our Hair Color Cream is highly in demand everywhere in the world. This Hair Color Cream is made utilizing the most recent innovation and no harmful chemicals inconsistency with worldwide guidelines.

Features of Hair Color Cream:

  1. Permanent color
  2. Simple to apply
  3. No harmful chemicals added to it

Color your hair with the best hair color only from Guangzhou Cimei Biotechnology!

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Permanent Hair Dye and Hair Loss. Many people who dye their hair permanent notice hair falling into the shower drain after they have done their hair. This is hair that will normally fall as part of hair renewal. Exposure to hair dye chemicals and the rubbing necessary to work the dye through the hair can cause hairs to fall. If the hair has not been washed for a while, it should not have shed more than 125 strands. This is due to mechanical manipulation of hair as part of hair coloring. It should not be confused for medically induced hair fall such as alopecia.

Normal hair shedding is normal and natural. It is part of the body’s natural renewal process. Hair growth is an energy-intensive activity. The hair follicles experience natural cycles of rest and growth on a daily basis. This is why hair falls on a daily basis. It's an essential part of the renewal process that leads to healthy hair. Medically, hair loss refers to the fact that the hair has been removed from the scalp by its root. You can see tiny white hair bulbs at the ends of the hair if you examine a strand of hair that's been shed at its root. This is how you can tell if the hair has been trimmed or not. Broken hair doesn't have a bulb at one end. Hair breakage can be caused by any damage to the hair shaft. Hair breakage can occur due to hair dye causing a weakening of the hair shaft. Any subsequent trauma such as combing or brushing, will also cause hair loss.

Hair dye can cause hair loss. It cannot penetrate the scalp to reach the follicles where the hair grows. Hair dye does not cause hair fall and cannot penetrate the scalp. However, it can lead to hair breaking. Permanent hair dye lasts longer than permanent. To make the color last, however, a chemical reaction must occur in the hair shaft. This permanently changes the shaft. Permanent hair dyes are made with "colorants," which actually have no color. The colorants are mixed with hydrogen peroxide and a chemical reaction starts. After the ingredients have been combined, the hair color will not be visible. The chemical reaction can dramatically alter the protein structure of hair and damage that may result cannot be repaired. Hair is non-living. These changes to the hair shaft are essential for hair color to last. However, they can also weaken hair's protein strength. Hair breakage can occur if the hair shaft isn't properly maintained. High quality hair dyes are essential. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and do not leave the hair color on longer than recommended. To keep your hair healthy, you must take care of it between colors.

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