Bath Shower Gel
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      Zunrong can custom all kinds of hair care products,including Shampoo/conditioner/color cream/rebonding cream/perm lotion/hair mask/essence/hair repair oil/hair wax/hair clay/holding spray/hand sanitizer/laundry liquid/disinfectant     Shower gel improve the damaged skin,keep your skin luster.locking moisture,it makes skin soft and delicate.fragrance Rose, ocean, lily, lavender, etc.prevent bacterial growth and viral infection caused…
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What is a Shower Gel? A shower gel is a body cleanser which starts as a liquid gel and then foams up once water has been added. Shower gels are usually soap-free, and instead derive their cleaning power from ingredients known as surface active agents (aka surfactants). Shower gels are less likely to strip your skin's natural oils than soap. It's not exactly. Not exactly. Body washes are thicker and creamier than shower gels and may contain more moisturizing ingredients.

However, you might not find everything you need when browsing the cleanser aisle. You might find a clear gel cleanser that is labeled as a cleanser for your skin. Shower gel is applied to your skin and lathers up when water is added. This helps remove dirt, oil, and bacteria.

Shower gels can be scented with a pleasant scent that lasts for a relaxing experience in the shower. Some shower gels with active ingredients may also contain skin care ingredients to make your home feel like a spa.

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