With regards to hair tone, it's regularly been imagined that individuals can be categorized as one of two camps. Some hit the salon for proficient (and regularly ideal and expensive) hair color cream. Or then again, you decide to take the DIY course and get a container of (reasonable however regularly second rate) hair color cream at the shop. In fact, there are many choices for hair dyeing, especially for those who buy their own hair cream.

Whether you use bright rainbow colors or blonde and black hair cream, CiMei will make it easier for you to easily switch colors at home. Guangzhou Cimei Biotechnology CO.,LTD., developed by a raw material company providing hairdressing technology and services. We have high quality hair color cream products.

However, there are a few things to know before getting your hair into the DIY field for the first time. Before you dye your hair, be sure to carefully check the chart on the side or back and the instructions of the hair dye cream, so as to better indicate the color of your hair according to your starting tone.

For household permanent dyes, the best choice is to choose a color, the actual color is much darker than the color of the product itself. For semi permanent dyes, the opposite is true. Semi permanent formulas have no developer, which means that the longer you leave them in your hair, the darker they become, so it's safer to choose a color that's lighter from the start

Conditioning is also a key step you can't miss. To do a deep conditioner at the end of the dyeing process to seal the cuticle, so your thighs stop absorbing the color. If there is no adjustment, the final result will be darker than expected.

Because CiMei cares customers very much, CiMei provides you with the best hair dyeing products.

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